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Basic Instinct 3 2010 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online




They need Dr  to help with the case of a student who is being stalked. But when Dr  hears that a woman working in the same office as him was found dead the night before, she is determined to find out what is really going on. The film is a loose remake of the film Basic Instinct (1992) that itself is loosely based on the classic crime novel of the same name. The film was made in both English and Hindi with the English version called Body Heat and the Hindi version titled Do Aankhen Barah Haath. English version The English version was released in 2006 and the Hindi version in 2007. Plot When the police begin to suspect that aspiring novelist Catherine Tramell has killed her editor, she seeks refuge with psychologist Dr  who was a classmate of hers. Catherine’s lawyer  warns her that she could soon be charged with murder and that she might have to flee the country if she is found guilty. Dr  takes her in and the two begin a psychotherapy in the basement of the house where Dr  has been renting rooms to students. Dr  begins by telling Catherine that all murders are committed by people who feel deeply insecure about their own lives and who lack the courage to express these feelings and usually commit the crime in a fit of rage. One day, Catherine's editor, Sebastian Cartwright, has a break-in, but is badly injured by the robber and dies. Soon after the break-in, Sebastian is found dead in a hotel room, having been suffocated. Catherine is a possible suspect, so Dr  reluctantly has her arrested and charged with murder. Back in Dr 's office, Dr  asks Catherine to tell her the story of her life and also the story of her short career as a crime writer. Catherine reveals that she used to work as an escapologist, and was famous for her ability to escape prisons and handcuffs. Dr  is also surprised to learn that Catherine has been working for her friend, Gregory, as a researcher for a big money case. Catherine confesses that Sebastian blackmailed her by threatening to out her as an escapologist unless she went to bed with him. Catherine goes to the hotel room of her publisher and encounters Sebastian in bed. At first she is surprised, but then she agrees to have sex with him. When she wakes up in the morning, she is horrified to find herself tied to the bed and Sebastian is gone. She is



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Basic Instinct 3 2010 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

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