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Microsoft Office 2013 Language Pack PT-PT Free Download




sethk: You might want to add your own entry. sethk: The key is to 'add' the entry manually, not just 'enter' your password. cafuego: I tried it with 5 GB, and it still says "too big". cafuego, did you say you set an entry for your root password? how can you set an entry for the root password? isn't the root password used only by the root user? sethk, that doesn't mean it isn't possible, it just means it's not the preferred way to do it. :D [flood], yes, that's true, it isn't a big deal. sethk, people have their own reasons for using that approach. [flood], I'm not saying it isn't possible. I'm saying I haven't seen it done. sethk, did you have a look at "man chpasswd"? [flood], yes, yes, I have. sethk, then tell me what the problem is. [flood], well, it's difficult for one reason: root passwords are only used by the root user. There are supposed to be two root passwords, one for local access, and one for network access. sethk, there are root logins in ubuntu. You can see them under system->administration->Users and groups. sethk, yes, but that isn't the only login. sethk, root is used, and chpasswd is used, and what is your issue with this? [flood], I didn't say that was the only login. sethk, there are user logins, and there are root logins.




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Microsoft Office 2013 Language Pack PT-PT Free Download

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